Black Prairie Ag

Your Full-Service Source

Black Prairie Ag Services provides full-service farm management, real estate brokerage and acquisition, and ag consulting services. Past experience has taught us that farmland owners rely on their farm manager to take care of the large and the small details of managing a farm. Many of today's landowners feel a personal bond with their farm, but lack the expertise, geographic location or time to attend to this valuable asset. That is where Black Prairie Ag Services can help.

Management Services

  • Tenant selection and evaluation
  • Crop planning
  • USDA program analysis
  • Crop insurance & risk protection
  • Budgeting & tax planning
  • Soil conservation planning
  • Lease analysis
  • Grain marketing
  • Property & liability insurance
  • Financial accounting & reporting
  • Discounts on crop inputs
  • Year-end tax reports


Managed farms are visited no less than three times each year, both to facilitate their management and to keep clients abreast of crop progress, input costs and budgeting. Clients receive regular written and verbal updates on crop and project progress, as well as written financial statements throughout the year, and detailed budgets as each crop-year begins. Land is managed with the client's goals in mind, while carefully balancing stewardship of the land and strengthening the client-operator relationship.

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